Charlotte Cartel-Warden (sometimes called Time, Queen of Time or Char) is the main protagonist of Story of Time. She is a pale-skinned, red-haired caucasian female with brown eyes. She is the daughter of Scarlet Cartel-Warden and Troy Cartel, as well as the niece of Queen Tess Cartel.

Before the events of Story of Time, Charlotte is a young school-age girl living in a peasant village with her mother and father. She is a member of the local fencing team and she trains with the Royal Guard for fun. During the events of Story of Time, she leads a group of royals and fighters to train and solve problems in each kingdom in hopes of finding a sorceress called "M" who curses everyone and everything.

History / Before the Prologue[edit | edit source]

As a child, Charlotte lived in a peasant village with her mother and father. They had a cat for a while, but he ran away and was never seen again. Charlotte never liked the cat that much, but after he went away she realized how much she missed the cat. This lead Charlotte to build a robotic cat of her own, with the help of her father. They were never able to complete the cat, as Charlotte's father grew very ill and he died from his sickness. Charlotte and her mother both know that he's out there somewhere, because you always respawn... right?

Charlotte was a member of the Lyublyu Fencing Team during her younger years, as she loved swords almost as much as building. Her teammates were all male and they would tease her, but she eventually surpassed all of them and was to be sent to the Royal Guard to train. However, before Charlotte could start her training, her mother signed a deal to send her off to a Forestiyan cafe to be a waitress when she came of working age.

After the Epilogue[edit | edit source]

After M is defeated, Charlotte returns to Mhilapia to rule her kingdom. The kingdom now has close ties with Forestiya's Main Province, BoParti and the New Isles. Charlotte meets a Princess from a far away land named Latte di Almondine, and the two fall in love and begin a relationship. Charlotte names her heir to be Charisma, or Emeli if Charisma cannot handle it. Mhilapia is peaceful once again.

Charlotte's ending card states that she visits the Cedar and Maple Memorial in Forestiya's Main Province whenever she can. She slowly spirals into deep religiousness and belief in the Elder Spirits, simply because she got to meet them.

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