Forestiya is an extremely large Kingdom in the Mario Universe which is split into two parts, the Mainland and the Western Forestiya Province. It was founded by Tana Forestiya, one of the daughters of Esmeranza.

History[edit | edit source]

Esmeralda Ranza, an explorer from the Mushroom Kingdom, was sent by the Mushroom Ruler at that time to find land for the Mushroom Kingdom. She set out happily, until she heard of the ruler executing her sister, Elise. In a fit of rage, Esmeralda split her land between her crewmates. She gave a young Plantatian called Tana Forestiya control of the land called Forestiya, which was an island of it's own, closest to Orion Mystavia's land.

When Tana and Marcellus Ivy got into a fight, a war escalated between Tana's Forestiya and Marcellus' Ivylund. Marcellus was killed and Tana took over Ivylund, renaming it the Western Forestiya Province.

Rulers[edit | edit source]

Before the Prologue, Cedar Redwood is the Grand Empress of Forestiya, with Poison Ivy as the Reigning Princess of the Western Forestiyan Province. Both Cedar and Poison Ivy continue to rule until Cedar's death. At that point, Poison Ivy takes over as the Empress, and Chickweed Ivy takes over as Reigning Prince. The roles remain this way until after the Epilogue, when Poison Ivy decides to move to BoParti with her husband, and she changes her name to Pandora. Then, Chickweed becomes the Emperor and Golden-Leaf Spirit takes over as the Reigning Princess.

The rulers before Cedar were her mother and father, Sycamore and Grand Oak Redwood respectively. Grand Oak died in the fire that occurred during Cedar's childhood, and Sycamore gave the throne to her daughter when she decided to give her cured blood to those infected with a disease. It is unknown who ruled Forestiya before them.

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