"Skip the formalities. I know who you are, Princess Charlotte." ~Poison Ivy, Chapter 1

Poison Aurella Ivy (sometimes called P.I., Periwinkle or Peri) is the Duchess of Forestiya and ruler of the Western Forestiya Province during most of the story. She is a fair-skinned, dark-grey haired female with blue eyes. She is the daughter of Hanging and Rash Ivy, as well as their eldest child. Her siblings are Chickweed Ivy and Sorrel "Cartier" Ivy. After the Epilogue, she marries Prince Vivace of BoParti and together they have a son named Vincent "Vine".

After the Epilogue[edit | edit source]

After the Epilogue chapter, Poison changes her name to Periwinkle and marries Vivace. She passes the title of Emperor to her brother Chickweed, which left the Western Province in the hands of Golden Leaf Spirit. She can be found at the Redwood Memorial honoring her friends, or in BoParti, attempting to survive the terrible music. Most times, however, she is seen by her husband's side, or playing with her son.

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